Monday, January 4, 2010


I initiated this blog as a self-experiment.

I often have some observations about current events, and I originally thought I would be able to share them at our faculty blog. However, the faculty blog seems to have gradually waned, and I realized it would be more appropriate to start a personal blog than to make the faculty blog look like one. Moreover, I wanted, for once, to discuss non-legal matters. I do not intend to ignore the law and legal institutions, but I want more leeway than the old blog provided.

Why did I choose to write it in English? Because I hoped to share local experience with a broader audience than Hebrew would allow. I want this blog to be educative, to enable people around the world to get a glimpse of daily life in Israel. I wish to offer a layman’s perspective on various topics, not tilted by commercial and political interests. I do not have a concrete and coherent agenda. My writing will probably be impulsive. Oh, and please don’t urge me to post text. I will do so only when I have something interesting to say, and the time to write it down.

Any comments are welcome.